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Leather Foundry Gloves

Leather gloves provide excellent abrasion protection, making them ideal for foundry applications up to 450° F.  Leather is the material of choice for many customers who rely on its dexterity and great value.  For superior protection from radiant heat and molten metal splash, aluminum material can be added to the back of our leather gloves.


Kevlar Terrybest Gloves

Terrybest™ and Carbon Kevlar Terrybest™ are available in both 100 percent Kevlar terrycloth and Carbon Kevlar blend terrycloth.  They provide excellent cut protection and the maximum dexterity available in a heat-protective glove.  Also available in reverse to eliminate snagging, Terrybest™ offers superior heat resistance and can function in temperatures up to 1000° F.  Carvon Kevlar Terrybest™ offers heat protection up to 1600° F.