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Hot Surface Markers

Our Hot Surface Markers are real lead-free non-toxic paint in stick form that combine the lasting durability of paint with the easy application of a crayon.  They are ideal for marking on smooth or rough surfaces that are exposed to temperatures ranging from 250° to 2200° F. such as hot castings, ingots, sows, bars, billets, etc.

These markers will not run, char, discolor, peel or crack and can also be used on wood, plastic, concrete, rubber, glass and paper products.  Available in a variety of colors and temperature ranges.

Product Number Description Units
B83472 Marker, HT Hot Stick No. 81022 (225° to 1100° F.) Sold by the case.  144/pcs
B61110 Marker, HT Hot Stick No. 81223 (400° to 1600° F.) Sold by the case.  144/pcs
B83934 Marker Holder Each