Reduced Pressure Test Equipment

Hydrogen gas is a serious problem in aluminum foundries.  The Gas-Tech II instrument provides a highly accurate method of testing the gas level in molten aluminum and has proven to be an invaluable tool in quality-conscious aluminum foundries.

Product Number Description
B99658 Gas-Tech II Instrument
B99375 Crucible, 1/4 lbs. with Handle
B61119 Crucible, 1/2 lbs. with Handle
B99376 Stainless Steel Tongs
B99342 Vacuum Pump
B99463 Vacuum Gauge
B99345 Filter AA617G
B99371 Air Muffler, 1/4″
B99665 Refractory Disc
B99661 Vacuum Chamber (Cast Aluminum)
B99347 O-Ring 2-436N674-70
B99669 Air Muffler, 1/8″
B99671 Barb Calibration Fitting
B99380 Vacuum Chamber Assembly (Optional)
B91548 Manometer
B61207 Service Kit for Gas-Tech II Pump
B61224 Leaf Valve
B61225 Retainer Plate