Ladle Coating

Our Ladle Coating is a unique water based refractory coating used to prevent contact between low melting alloys (aluminum, since, tin, gold, silver) and their containers.

Such protection is required for two reasons: To prevent contamination of the molten alloy by the container and to prevent damage to the container.

The Ladle Coating is proven effective in the aluminum and zinc industries in lengthening ladle life and is also great for use on crucibles, pots, furnaces, skimmers, runners, dies, etc.

Mixing and application instructions: Our Ladle Coating is sold in a powder form to be mixed with water. To use add the powder to water in the ratio of:

Three (3) pounds per gallon for spraying

Four (4) pounds per gallon for dipping or painting.

Adjust mixing formula based on your particular application.  Allow coating to stand for a few hours prior to use.  Mix well and apply to container or tool.  Allow to dry thoroughly before use.

Product Number Description Weight
B84648 Beck Ladle Coating No. 15 (8 lbs. Can) 8 lbs.
B84647 Beck Ladle Coating No. 15 (5 Gallon Pail) 40 lbs.
B93766 Beck Ladle Coating No. 15 (300 lbs. Drum) 300 lbs.