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Top Selling Tooling Components

Although all of our Tooling Components are easily found on the website, here are a few of the most commonly purchased items.

Baker Foundry Supply Pour Cups

Pour Cups

Our Pour Cups are specifically designed to provide the ultimate in metal transfer for tilt-pour style permanant molds. The time-proven, rugged bottom pour feature allows predictable clean molten metal transfer. Because of its rugged construction, the pour cup usually outlasts the life of mold cavities. The mounting and top faces are machined for quick trouble-free mounting onto the mold half.  Pour Cups are designed to be used with our Angle Plates. Larger sizes available upon request.

Baker Foundry Supply Leader Pin Bushings

Leader Pin Bushings

Our Leader Pin Bushings are designed to guarantee alignment between the mold halves when used in conjunction with our Leader Pins.  Installing a Leader Pin Bushing will prevent wear on the mold section.  These bushings are machined from high grade cast iron.  A threaded section is provided to retain the bushing, facilitating easy installation and removal.  A jam retaining nut is provided with each bushing.

Baker Foundry Supply Angle Plates

Angle Plates

Our Angle Plates are designed to contain molten metal during the tilt-pour process virtually eliminating metal spill and splash when mounted adjacent to a Pour Cup.  The mounting and top faces are machined for quick, trouble-free mounting onto the mold half.  Our Angle Plates are designed to be used with our Pour Cups.

Top Selling Foundry Supplies

Although all of our Foundry Supplies are easily found on the website, here are a few of the most commonly purchased items.

Baker Foundry Supply Slap Stick Lubricant

Slap Stick Lubricant

Slap Stick is a high temperature spot lubricant.  It is extremely useful in removing galling and solder from permanent molds, and it can be applied directly onto cores or cavities without damage to the next casting.  When applied to any hot mold area, Slap Stick will liquefy and penetrate as a lubricating film then evaporate into a dry film that will not stain or cause porosity in aluminum, brass, since, or magnesium castings.  Slap Stick will not damage mold paints or release agents.

Baker Foundry Supply Skimmers


Our Skimmers have been “designed by Foundrymen for Foundrymen”.  The time-tested one piece stamped mild steel design provides an economical tool to meet today’s foundry skimming practices.

Baker Foundry Supply Skimmers are designed with the appropriate percent of open area for suitable metal drainage while still collecting unwanted oxides and spent flux.

Baker Foundry Supply Coupon Molds

Coupon Molds

The Coupon Mold is the ultimate tool for collecting metal samples for performing non-ferrous metal chemical analysis.  In one compact mold, samples are poured, de-gated, and removed with minimal skill and effort.  The Coupon Mold is economical, portable, and lightweight making an industry favorite of both large and small foundries.