Our Skimmers have been “designed by Foundrymen for Foundrymen”.  The time-tested one piece stamped mild steel design provides an economical tool to meet today’s foundry skimming practices.

Baker Foundry Supply Skimmers are designed with the appropriate percent of open area for suitable metal drainage while still collecting unwanted oxides and spent flux.

Our Ladle and Skimmer Handles are of a lightweight tubular design which reduces fatigue for both ladling and skimming applications.  The oval shaped end grip is designed for securing a comfortable had grip while sustaining maximum control.  The Ladle and Skimmer Handle is attached with two easy to remove 5/16″ carriage bolts.

Product Number Design Size Weight
B99605 Round 6″ 1 lbs.
B99609 Round 12″ 4 lbs.
B99599 30″ Bolt-on Handle
B99600 36″ Bolt-on Handle
B99621 40″ Bolt-on Handle
B86425 48″ Bolt-on Handle