Test Bar and Coupon Molds

The Test Bar Mold is precision machined on a CNC machining center from Durabar G2 gray iron.  The bar design is specified by ASTM B108 standard specifications for aluminum alloy permanent mold castings and American National Standards Institute (H 3826).  Both of these specifications recommend the gating system for casting tension test specimens in cast iron molds.  The Test Barn Mold is designed for maximum probability to the casting station.

The Coupon Mold is the ultimate tool for collecting metal samples for performing non-ferrous metal chemical analysis.  In one compact mold, samples are poured, de-gated, and removed with minimal skill and effort.  The Coupon Mold is economical, portable, and lightweight making an industry favorite of both large and small foundries.

Product Number Description Approximate Unit Weight
B96890 Test Bar Mold 120 lbs.
B96074 Coupon Mold 7 lbs.